Studies and field tests have been conducted since 2019 in order to select a site restoration strategy involving the re-use of tailings and the material generated when areas of Canadian Malartic Mine’s property were stripped, rather than the use of natural material brought in from outside.

Construction of cells to test the efficacy of various coverage options was finalized in December 2020. Data have been collected since 2020 from a thousand instruments installed in the test cells.

Performance data have been gathered from the test cells since 2021 and will continue to be gathered over the coming years. They will guide decisions on the ground cover plants that will eventually be planted over the entire tailings pond.

The financial guarantee covering the cost of restoring the Canadian Malartic Mine site in a timely fashion once it ceases operations is estimated to be $320.3 M. An addendum to the Restoration Plan was filed in November 2021. The updated Restoration Plan was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests, on May 12, 2022.

The Odyssey Mine site’s restoration plan was approved on September 3, 2021, and the financial guarantee covering the cost of restoring the entire site is slightly more than $13 M.