a MONITORING committee serving the community

The Monitoring Committee (CES-CM) is a choice forum for exchanges between CMM and the community that aims to promote good neighbourliness in Malartic.

The CES-CM’s mandate is to:

  • Create a forum for dialogue and information sharing between CMM, individuals and groups affected by CMM’s activities, and ensure that everyone is represented and that they have an opportunity to express their views;
  • Develop a shared, comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the environmental, social and economic impacts and issues related to CMM’s activities;
  • Relay information from the CES-CM’s activities to organizations and citizens; and
  • Make recommendations to CMM in order to influence and enhance its practices, suggest joint solutions and maximize benefits for the community.
  • 3 to 4 citizens of Malartic (ideally from different neighbourhoods)
  • 1 citizen of Rivière-Héva (ideally from des Merles Road)
  • 2 individuals from the environmental community
  • 2 individuals from the socio-community sector
  • 1 individual from Malartic’s municipal community
  • 1 individual from the economic community
  • 1 individual from the health and social services community
  • 1 individual from the education or research community
  • 1 individual from the tourism and recreational community
  • 1 individual from Aboriginal communities
  • 1 or 2 individuals representing CMM
  • Where necessary, an individual representing the following government authorities:  Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change; Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources; Ministry of Transportation, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification; Public Health Branch; Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Land Use, Regional County Municipality, Municipality of Rivière-Héva.

TOTAL of 14 to 15 individuals as required.




Contact information

Comité d’échanges et de suivi Canadian Malartic

819 757-2225, extension 3425