Plant Production

The Production team at the ore-processing plant extracts gold and silver from the ore from the pit. The plant has an average daily production capacity of 57,000 tonnes.

I chose to work for CMM because of its geographic proximity and its respect for employees and the community. I admit that I’m a little amazed to be able to say that I work for one of the largest open-pit gold mines in Canada. I’m fortunate to be able to work with advanced technology and automated, oversized equipment. The mine’s longevity has also given me a lot of job stability, something a lot of people appreciate.

Mathieu Bizier, Reagents Operator

The first time I set foot on the site I was impressed by the scope of the mine and its modern equipment. I was sure that this kind of operation would provide me a lot of opportunities to contribute to its growth. In a short time, I found myself in a pleasant, supportive work environment, pervaded by a contagious kind of friendliness. CMM’s values are exactly what I expect from an employer. I would wholeheartedly recommend CMM to anyone looking for a challenge.

Sébastien Gélinas, Production Foreman