Administrative Services comprise several activity sectors that work on the periphery of mining operations.



Accounting and Taxation

The Accounting team oversees CMM’s budget and routine financial transactions, in addition to being responsible for employee compensation. The Taxation team oversees all tax activities affecting the Canadian Malartic Partnership, including, among others, the calculation and payment of Québec mining taxes.

CMM stands out because of the appreciation it shows for its community and employees. I’ve only been a member of the large CMM family for less than a year, but it’s been long enough to realize that employee well-being is at the centre of the company’s priorities. It’s been a rare opportunity for me to work for such a large company in the region. The mining sector is still an important driver of the economy, and I have always wanted to work in it to better understand how the industry operates. CMM gives me that opportunity and a chance to achieve my potential at work.

Pierre-Luc Lefebvre, Financial Analyst


Communications and Community Relations

The Communications and Community Relations team is committed to promoting our organization and innovative practices. It supports positive relationships with our host community and stakeholders interested in our operations. It also implements the commitments made in the Good Neighbour Guide.

With a background in the health field, my career path is a little unusual. Despite it all, CMM took a chance on me, a sign of the Company’s openness. Every trade is important at CMM and people know it. I’m especially proud to work on the Community Relations team. Today, the social acceptability of every project is a must. It’s what pushes forward-looking companies like CMM to excel every day and rise to the challenges of operating an open-pit mine in an urban environment.

Cindy Brousseau, Community Relations Coordinator


Health and Safety

The role of the Health and Safety team is to support all activity sectors by identifying hazards, assessing risks and assisting in seeking ways to eliminate or control them.

As an occupational health and safety professional, I chose to work for CMM because of the many challenges it offered, its commitment to OHS and its receptive approach to innovation. I feel motivated when I work with such passionate people who are constantly willing to forge ahead. The CMM team is open to new ideas and offers us opportunities to get involved in a range of projects.

Olivier Brousseau, Health and Safety Coordinator


Human Resources

The Human Resources team staffs the organization with top talent and sees to their professional development. The team pays particular attention to maintaining harmonious labour relations and some of the most attractive working conditions in the mining industry.

Logo Mine Canadian Malartic

After working as a temporary physical education teacher for six years, I sought job security so that I could start a family. I decided to redirect my career path even though I loved teaching. When I joined CMM, the first things that had a profound effect on me were the openness of the people and the career advancement opportunities. I began as a day labourer and then became an operator and, finally, a relief foreman. CMM has enabled me to pursue my professional development and obtain a management position as a trainer.

Gendron Mining Trucks and General Duties



The Infrastructure team maintains and upgrades our facilities on the mine site and at the properties purchased or leased in Malartic.

There’s never a dull moment at CMM! The work is exciting and varied. You work with dynamic teams that know the meaning of mutual support, and that take pride in a job well done. I would also tell potential applicants that CMM offers competitive wages and benefits, not to mention opportunities for advancement. Workers receive an annual bonus, and that’s another kind of recognition for the work done.

Denis Melançon, Infrastructure Foreman


IT and Telecommunications

The IT and Telecommunications team sees to the management and integrity of computer and data processing systems and is responsible for all telecommunication and telephony systems.

I chose to work for CMM because it gives me a chance to contribute my skills to a large-scale project and a big team. It also allows me to stay in the region where I grew up. It didn’t take long for me to realize that what sets the Company apart as an employer is the fact that I work with CMM, not for CMM. The camaraderie is just as strong with other employees as it is with the management team. Respect is everywhere, at every level.

Maxime Labrecque, Computer Technician

The Procurement team is responsible for all purchases for all activity sectors and for managing the parts inventory at our warehouse.

I’ve been part of the CMM team for 12 years now. If you ask me, the mining sector is very exciting. It’s a high-energy field where you can keep learning all the time, either about products or new technology. Canadian Malartic Mine is evolving fast, and that keeps us on the cutting edge of innovation.

Nathalie Gagné, Inventory Analyst