Extension Project

The Malartic Extension Project (MEP) has two components:

  • extending the Canadian Malartic pit, which is currently being mined;
  • deviating a section of Highway 117.

The deviation of Highway 117 was opened to traffic on October 5, 2019, making it possible to develop the Barnat gold deposit. Work on the new town entrance and MEP-related work will be completed sometime in 2020.


The MEP:
  • Will require investments totalling more than $300 M, including $67 million for laying out the deviation of Highway 117 (fully borne by CMM).
  • Will extend CMM’s operations until 2027.


Positioning map of existing installations and work in progress


Odyssey Underground
Mining Project

The Odyssey Underground Mining Project (OUMP) involves developing the continuity at depth of several mineralized zones, whose new surface accesses would be located three kilometres east of the Malartic urban area.

An amendment of the order-in-council authorizing the eventual mining of the North and South Odyssey Zones was passed in December 2018.

Other conditions must be met in order to complete the project authorization process, including an update of economic studies.


Discovery of East Gouldie Zone

The East Gouldie Zone is located at depth in the OUMP sector. Its discovery is part of the continuity of CMM’s projects to develop its mining camp. Several conditions, including additional drilling and economic studies, must be met before there can be talk of potential development.


Location of the Odyssey underground project, including the East Gouldie zone